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We are looking for "THE ONE" 2015-08-26


A wonderful Review 2015-08-05

What a sensational REVIEW from Susan Portnoy and The Insatiable Traveller. This review was also featured on the READ MORE

Eagles' Nest Shiraz 2012 2015-08-05

As our family of Shiraz vintages grows each year, we really do feel ever more like proud parents. Just last year, we wrote to you about the stellar achievements of our youngest, the Shiraz 2011, and how it had truly lived up to the reputation set by ...



Our Wines

Quality and consistency is paramount at Eagles’ Nest. Our unique terroir, comb...

Tasting Room: Wine Tasting & Platters

We are open for Wine Tasting and Sales Mondays-Sundays from 10am-4.30pm. We look...

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